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Understanding Your Treatment

The Sydney Private Hospital prides itself on its experienced nursing and allied health care staff.  Your care and comfort is of the utmost importance to our team at all times, so please inform a staff member if you require anything.

Prior to and during your treatment, you are entitled to a concise, clear and understandable explanation of your care.  Our health care professionals can provide any information you might require.  Should you wish to discuss a problem or your treatment, please feel free to ask your Registered Nurse to contact whomever you would like to speak with.

Individual patient-centred care plans are used in your care.  You can expect our health care professionals to involve you and your carers in your own health care.  At The Sydney Private Hospital, ‘handover’ of nursing care is practised at the bedside, involving you, the patient.  During this handover, adequate time is allowed for you to talk about any concerns that you may have.

We hope that you enjoy your stay at The Sydney Private Hospital.