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Patients holding top level health fund cover are requested to provide evidence of health fund coverage and sign a release form so that the hospital may claim on your behalf (most health funds issue a plastic card).

Other patients who have chosen not to have full health fund cover are required to pay the estimated balances not covered by their health fund on admission.  Some health funds do not provide a ‘no gaps’ cover and therefore you will be required to pay extra.  This will be discussed prior to your admission to the hospital.
Note:  Be sure your health fund membership is up to date, and discuss your hospitalisation with your health fund Claims Department if you are in any doubt as to what benefits may apply.

Self-funded patients will be required to pay the estimated total cost of hospitalisation on admission.

Patients whose accounts are subject to “Third Party” or “Workers Compensation” claims must have verifiable evidence that liability has been accepted by the insurance company for their hospitalisation.