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Same Day Patients

With advances in technology an increasing number of procedures can be performed and the patient discharged home on the same day, without admission to the main wards in the hospital.

The hospital will never compromise medical care and there will be no hesitation to admit you to the main ward of the hospital, if this is in the best interest of your medical treatment.

Discharge times from the Day Surgery Unit depend on the type of procedure/operation that has been performed.  Generally this is about two hours after your return from the operating theatre.

You will be nursed after your operation, initially in the main recovery area of the hospital’s operating theatres.  Later, when you awake from your operation, you will be progressed to a recliner lounge until you have recovered sufficiently, to be allowed to leave the hospital.

For general safety and infection control, friends and relatives are unable to stay overnight with patients.  We seek your understanding in this regard.  Please ensure that your friends and relatives understand the importance of this and that they will be kept informed of your progress.

Your doctor will give you instructions regarding fasting (no food or fluid) requirements.  This information will be given to you prior to admission.  All patients who undergo a day procedure will require transport home and adult supervision overnight.

We strongly advise that in the first 24 hours after your anaesthetic you MUST NOT:

  • Drive a car
  • Operate machinery
  • Conduct business or sign documents

Paediatric Patients (Children)

Children are welcome in our hospital as patients and every effort is made to reduce their fears and make their stay as happy as possible.  Children admitted to hospital may bring their favourite toy or books.  If your child requires nappies, please bring a supply for use during your child’s admission.

Parents are encouraged to stay with their child during their admission, and if an overnight stay is necessary, a stretcher bed is available.  You may accompany your child into theatre if necessary, and can be with them as they recover from their anaesthetic in the Recovery Room.

Parent partnership in your child’s care is valued and encouraged, as we know that this will aid in a more positive experience for all.